Hair loss around my cats eyes and ears?

September 13th, 2010 by George

Question: Hair loss around my cats eyes and ears?
My male Sammy is a siamese himalayan ragdoll. He has lost the hair around his eyes and now ears again. This is the 3rd time in 3 yrs. Sammy is only 4yrs old. Usually this only happens in the winter months. My vet is unsure as to what it is. Sammy is a indoor cat and this time he wants to get out side badly and consume grass. Any ideas? Ringworm has been ruled out!

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Answer by Savannah
Does he have any allergies? Maybe he’s itching his face to the point of hair loss? It sounds allergy related though, since you mentioned that it only happens seasonally. Try feeding him a hypo-allergenic food or a limited ingredient formula and see if that works.

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2 Comments on “Hair loss around my cats eyes and ears?”

  1. Quinn says:

    OK all ragdoll cats this is can look up more about cases like this about this type of breed of cat.also the siamese mix ofcourse is more likely this to happen.(theres also american ragdoll) ya your vet dumb ha get a new one.its justa way of shedding the hair every year dont worry about it.NORMAL.also as for the grass eating dont worry about that most animals get it by instinct when they have a little upset stomache or as a vitamin treat.its very good for them.

  2. William says:

    All around the eye and not just above the eye-below the ear? If it’s the latter, she’s just got those temple-guard faux-eyes (the bald patch made them look like their eyes were open while they slept) that made them so valuable in their past.

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